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Located to the east of the parish, Tomies Wood is the largest semi-natural oak wood in Ireland. It has much variety of plant and wildlife, and it is the home to the Sika and Red deer. It has also an abundant bird life including a rare Chough, Peregrine Falcon & 'wise' Owls. The white tailed eagle was also re-introduced in 2007. A strong population of the Pine Marten is also found here. It is part of the three thousand five hundred (3500) acres of Oakwood in Killarney National Park.On the western shoreline of the Oakwood regular waterfall counts take place. The deer numbers are also monitored on an on- going basis. Exclosures were set up where coniferous plantations were felled. This in time will extend the area of Oakwood. The hedgerows in Beaufort are home to our nesting birds (Thrushes, Blackbirds, Robins, Sparrows) and many of our small mammals (Field mice, Rats, Mice, Bats, Rabbits) use them as homes, routeways, and for feeding purposes. They are particularly important for lesser horseshoe bats and Pippestrel bats use them as flight paths. They are an important and distinctive feature of our countryside and arguably one of our richest stores of biodiversity. The River Laune is one of the few rivers in the country with the three- seasonal run of Atlantic salmon i.e. Spring, Summer and Autumn.  The reason for this phenomenon is that the Laune is the only access to the sea so it serves other important rivers in the catchment area. It would also accommodate mink, otter and many birds such as the Kingfisher, mallard, water hen, moorhen, grey heron and to a lesser extend merganser. Adjacent to the riverbank, the native strips of woodland is home to the Red Squirrel, native Red & Sika Deer.
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